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Home2020 KHQS Block Contest



The kit includes 3 pieces of fabric:  10 ½ inch square of the feature burgundy print fabric

                                                                8” square gold weave-look contrast fabric

                                                              14” square mottled-look beige, white & gold background


1. The contest is open to all KHQS members
2. You may use any pattern or original design that you wish.
3. All the fabrics in the kit must be used in the block.  If you choose to applique your block, you must use the 14” square mottled-look beige as the background.  You may add a minimal amount of 2 additional fabrics if you choose.  However, these additional fabrics must not over-shadow the original 3 fabrics in the kit! Remember, at some time blocks will be combined with others and should “play nice!”
4. The unfinished block must measure 12 ½ by 12 ½ inches, with the design no more than 12 x 12 inches.
5. Blocks may be constructed by any method, hand or machine, and should not be quilted but must be “quiltable.”
6. You may enter as many blocks as you wish but a maximum of 2 blocks will be eligible for the top 20, and those 2 blocks must be of different techniques (i.e., one pieced & one applique).
7. Print your name, city/state, phone # or email, and block title (if known) on a small piece of muslin and baste to the back of the quilt. Be sure stitches don’t show on the front!
8. Judging will be done prior to Getaway 2020 by qualified individuals who are not participating in the contest.  Twenty (20) blocks will be selected based on accuracy, workmanship, creativity and overall appearance.  Makers of the top 20 blocks will each receive $10 per block.  From this group, one name will be drawn at Getaway to win all the top 20 blocks.
9. Blocks not judged into the top 20 will be grouped and a drawing from the names of makers in that group(s) will be drawn for those blocks.
10. All blocks will be displayed at Getaway 2020.  Members attending will vote for a “Viewers’ Choice” winner, who will receive $15.  This is in addition to any other prize.
11. You do not have to be present to win any of these prizes.
12. Kits purchased at Getaway will be $5 each.  If you request a kit later and it must be mailed, the cost will be $6.50/block to cover mailing expenses.
13. Completed blocks should be postmarked and mailed by May 15, 2020 to:

            Karen Templeton

KHQS Block Contest

698 Briarfield Road

Scottsville, KY  42164


If you wish to know I received your block, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope

or include an email address, whichever you prefer.


HINTS:  Blocks must measure precisely 12 ½ by 12 ½ or will not be considered for the top 20!  Corners and points should match accurately.  Curves should be smooth, no puckers.  No markings should appear on the front of the block.  Be sure to remove all raveling and threads. Press well!