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Upcoming Events

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CALL for a NEW QAK Chair


I have really enjoyed serving as the QAK Chair off and on for several years, but it's time to bring on someone new.  As of December 31, I will no longer be QAK Chair. If you think you'd like to lead QAK into new challenges and growth, please let me or the KHQS Board know. I'll be very glad to help you get started in leading QAK on to new adventures.

Botany Challenge 2

Quilt Artists of Kentucky


The Quilt Artists of Kentucky was formed in 2003 as an auxiliary of the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society. Membership in QAK is limited to current or new members of the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society. Membership dues to join the Quilt Artists of Kentucky are $5 per year in addition to KHQS membership dues.

The group’s purpose is to serve as a support and information group for those interested in innovative quilt-making techniques and the quilt as an art form; to provide exhibition opportunities; and to provide education to the general public about the art of the quilt.


To view a current listing of QAK members: QAK Membership


"WHAT IF" Small Quilt Kit Challenge

A new challenge was also introduced at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  It's the "WHAT IF" SMALL QUILT KIT CHALLENGE.It is being continued in 2019 with some changes.  New details and how to order a kit can be found under the WHAT IF button, on the QAK Drop Down menu button.  This challenge is only open to QAK members. The "WHAT IF" finished pieces will be on display at the Annual Meeting and the QAK Table at Getaway 2020.

New "What If" kits are available for purchase at $10.00 each plus $2.00 postage for a total of $12.00

Order your kit from:

Judy Scott
218 Neal Howell Road
Bowling Green, KY 42104

Anyone who joins KHQS can join QAK for $5.00 per year.






If you have any questions about the Quilt Artists of Kentucky, contact coordinator