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Fifty Shades of Play

The Ombre Quilt Challenge

Ombre (pronounces omb-ray) is a French word meaning “shaded”.  It means having tones of color that blend into each other, graduating from light to dark.  Think of the color gradations on paint chips, for instance.  Ombre is a trending and popular design element in everything from clothing to nail polish to hair color, and of course, quilts.

The first part of this challenge is to go to your local paint shop and pick up a paint chip that has a color gradation that you like.          

The challenge for this quilt is to play with the color values from the paint chip and create a quilt with ombre design elements.  It could be monochromatic, showing shades of a single color.  It could be a two-tone quilt with one color blending into another or a rainbow quilt involving a whole spectrum of color.  We just want to see gradations in color, no matter how you choose to do it.

The rules of the challenge

1.      The quilt must be made with quilt quality fabric and consist of a top, batting, and backing.

2.      The quilt can be hand appliqued or machine appliqued.  Embellishing, beading or a mixed media of applique and machine piecing is also acceptable.

3.      The size of the quilt can be as small 12 x 12 inches to as large as 30 x 30 inches or any combination in between.

4.      The paint chip used to pick the colors of the quilt must be shown with the quilt.  It does not need to be attached to the quilt but will be displayed along side of the quilt during Getaway.

5.      You must use at least of   ¾ of the colors on the paint chip and up to the total amount. 

6.      You can use a second paint chip to go with the first chip.

7.      You can add neutral colors such as black, white, or tan.

8.      Bring the quilt to 2020 Getaway for exhibit and a Viewer’s Choice award.

9.      If you cannot attend Getaway and want to participate in the challenge, send your quilt to Pat Brown, KHAS administrator at 140 Douglas Drive, Batavia, Ohio 45103.  Your quilt will be returned to you after Getaway.