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Welcome To My World

As appliquer's we spend a lot of time to create a work of art that expresses our talent, our craft and our love of quilting.  So, why not show the world what we do. 


            Welcome the world into your homes with a banner for the front door that expresses how you live your life.   A banner on the front door can show the world that a special person lives on the other side of the door.  Make it funny, serious, mysterious or crafty.  It can be personal -about you, or a special occasion, or just something that you find attractive.   Let us all see what your world is like.


1.         The banner can be as small as 48" perimeter (12" x 12") or as large as 108" (18" x 36") or any combination in between - not to exceed 108".


2.         It can be made of cotton or wool.


3.         It can be hand appliquéd, raw edged appliqué or machine appliqué.


4.         Embellishments are not required but encouraged.


5.         The banner must be made up of three layers, top, batting and backing.

6.         In order for the world to know about your banner, please bring or send me (Pat Brown at a small index card with your name, the name of your banner, the style of applique used in making the banner and any interesting information that may go into the making of your banner.


            Bring it to Getaway 2019 and have a chance to win $50 Viewer's Choice award. 


            The banner will not travel.  They will only be on display at Getaway for the duration on the retreat. 

Take the banner home after Getaway and display it proudly to the world!