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KHQS State of the Society Address

Diane Acosta

President 2018-2019

Good afternoon and welcome to Getaway 2019!  I am happy to report the state of The Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society is strong.  We currently have 435 members, 29 affiliate guilds, 142 Kentucky Heritage Applique society members, and 133 Quilt Artist of Kentucky members.

We have had an eventful year and I have had the opportunity to work with some exceptional people on our board, committees, and many other members. I appreciate the help each one of you has contributed to the success of our society.

Our fall and spring retreats were well attended and as always, well planned.  The Applique Society retreat had a large turnout with Ann Reed teaching wool applique. Registration is now open for the Quilt Artists of Kentucky upcoming workshop, Luminescent Painted Illusion with Esterita Austin this November.

Our year started with the 45 quilts that were submitted as part of Mary Bauer’s “For the Birds” challenge traveling around the state.  Kathy Wantland coordinated their journey where more than 7000 were able to enjoy viewing the quilts.  We even had a request from the Wild Birds Unlimited store to display the quilts during an event!  Good luck to Kathy in her new role as President!

Anne Honaker has done a wonderful job over the last two years making registration so easy for everyone.  This year there are 137 participants here at Getaway.  She has done a fantastic job in coordinating this large event and has made it look so seamless.

Treasurer Henrietta Scheffel has been able to keep up with our new QuickBooks software and has kept our finances up to date and on point!  And our secretary, Amy Aldenderfer, has kept up with records of our board meetings throughout the year.

Securing national instructors is a challenging job and Ann Pigneri, Long Range Planning, has been able to set up instructors for Quilting Adventures and Getaway for the next few years. There were two successful Quilting Adventure events this year. We started with David Taylor last September and Rosalie Dace in March, and coming up in 2020 is Cynthia England, and in 2021 is Sue Benner.  Next year’s Getaway will feature Nancy Prince.  I hope that everyone plans on attending at least one of these events!

Museum and Archives chair, Sharon Crawford, has worked diligently on 2 Quilt Registries this year.  The first was held in Monticello, Kentucky where 30 people brought in 45 quilts. This was the first one held in this county.  Another registry will be held October 18 and 19 at the First Baptist Church in Somerset and possibly another one to be held on Monroe County.  If you have not attended a quilt registry, please try to attend or even volunteer to help!

Fundraising and merchandise chair, Kathie Tomazic has worked hard this last year coming up with new items to offer you.  Hopefully you were able to purchase one of the new KHQS t-shirts and had the opportunity to visit the fundraising table.  Last year at Getaway, we recruited Membership chair, Mary Jane Weddle. She has worked hard at keeping up with the membership records and has done a fine job. Ashley Bandy has continued to increase our social media presence as Publicity Chair.  If you did not know it, we were on local TV last night.  Pat Brown has continued to publish the newsletters every quarter.  While having a new computer and publisher program was a challenge, she made sure the newsletters were all out and very informational. 

And a special thank you to my friend, Cindy Parker, Webmaster, for helping me maneuver through the website technology.  She is the one who convinced me years ago to join KHQS, and her past ten years of expertise and knowledge of the organization has been as asset to me and the board.

I would also like to recognize all the others behind the scene who volunteer as retreat coordinators, getaway volunteers, our post mistress and bulk mail coordinator.  Your efforts may not be known but to only a few, but they are very much appreciated.

Also, to the past Presidents, thank you for all your support and this year.  I consider myself a newbie to this organization and your encouragement and wealth of knowledge has helped me tremendously.

I have made wonderful friends and relationships over the last two years on the board. For anyone interested in serving on the board or in any other capacity, please come see any board member.

We are always looking for new ideas and it is a great way to be involved!
  Thank you all for supporting KHQS.

We have met our mission – to promote and preserve the art of quilting.  It has been a pleasure serving as your President.


Diane Acosta

President, 2018-2019