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2019 President’s Challenge

The Churn Dash

Issued by Sue Marshal

The Churn Dash block has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember.  There are so many different variations that can be done with just the center! Showcase your most beautiful piece of fabric, or a pieced pinwheel, nine patch, another churn dash, or showcase your appliqué, embroidery, or free motion quilting. 


My challenge to you is to include at least one recognizable churn dash block in your submission. I would love to see everything from a miniature sampler quilt to an art quilt interpretation, to a giant churn dash block out of your most stunning fabric. Pick a technique that hi-lights your perfect piecing skills - to your free motion mastery or anything in between.


I also love optical illusions and other not so obvious hidden elements when I find them in quilts; little surprises that pop out after you’ve looked at something for a while. This isn’t a mandatory part of the challenge, just a fun surprise if you are so inspired.

Rules for the 2019 KHQS President’s Challenge include the following:

Your quilt should:


  • Be comprised of three layers… a top, batting, and backing.
  • Be created using a pattern or design of your choice.
  • Be stitched by hand or machine.
  • Have a perimeter measurement no smaller than 72” and no larger than 140”.
  • Be submitted by June 1, 2019 and be available to be included in a traveling exhibit until June 2020 Getaway.


Before submitting your quilt, please do the following:

  • Write an Artist’s Statement which includes information providing insight into why you chose your design. You must also include the technique(s) used in making the quilt. Please keep statement to 125 words or less.
  • Add a four-inch sleeve to the back of the quilt.
  • Add a label to the back of the quilt that includes the quilt title; your name, city, and state; and the date the quilt was completed.

Send the required items by dates specified below to:             

Kathy Wantland
724 Twelve Oaks Dr.
Mt. Washington, KY  40047

May 28, 2019: Contract to Lend (USPS or e-mail)

 May 28, 2019: Artist’s Statement (e-mail)

June 2, 2019: Challenge Quilts received via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or hand delivery

Contract To Lend Churn Dash

The wonderful quilt behind the scene on the website was made by Karen Riggins.  Karen is a founding member of KHQS and has served the organization in several capacities including President and QAK Coordinator.